The National Guard

The National Guard works as a unique outfit in the United States military. Although working largely as a supplementary militia to the Air Force and Army, the National Guard more commonly sees deployment as a peacekeeping force in modern times. This means that National Guard often used in search and rescue operations inside the U.S. and around the world. As a result, these soldiers can become exposed to asbestos through unusual circumstances for a service member.
When in a tour of duty, these service members have been historically exposed to the same conditions as their Army and Air Force compatriots. These soldiers spent their time in barracks that used asbestos piping and tiling. When shipped off for deployment, these soldiers were packed into vessels full of asbestos-laden piping and boilers. Additionally, asbestos was used in aircraft construction, included in gaskets and some aircraft brakes.
One major problem faced by Guard members has occurred due to their role as emergency helpers and rescue workers. When arriving at scenes of massive destruction, especially in the case of explosions and earthquakes, National Guard soldiers may be exposed to large clouds of dust. If the buildings affected by a disaster were built using asbestos, the particles could float throughout this dust. Although soldiers often wear protective gear in these dangerous scenarios, the particles can become trapped on clothing and be inhaled later.
In addition to dust clouds, the destruction of buildings poses the threat of asbestos exposure to National Guard service members. As many older buildings may not have been gutted of their asbestos, working around cracked open ceilings and walls can increase the likelihood of encountering asbestos. Broken pipes may also prove particularly dangerous in this regard.
The United States National Guard additionally has many state and nearby group based projects. These projects endeavor to enhance the earth, shield states from tranquilize trafficking and associate the groups of Guard individuals. The Guard is dynamic amid times of peace and in addition amid war. The senator can request assistance from the National Guard when a characteristic catastrophe. The mission is to keep up prepared and prepared units, who are constantly prepared for a crisis.
Most of the positions within National Guard of the United States are part-time, with a service period of one weekend a month and a training period of two weeks a year. Members can always maintain a civilian life and avail of the benefits of the military at the same time. They get excellent benefit packages, monetary help for education, and a chance to develop their career skills. They earn a regular paycheck and in return, the only requirement is their presence whenever needed.
If you intend to have a civilian career, pay for your education and take advantage of retirement benefits, you should consider joining National Guard army. The job is not only monetarily beneficial, but also morally satisfying in the knowledge that you are contributing positively to society. This career option offers the unique combination of benefiting from civilian rights and freedom, as well as a part of the nation’s defense.
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United States Army

In the United States of America, there are 5 different
branches of the military that are in place and that one can join to serve this
country. These different branches are Navy, Army, Air Force, the Coast Guard,
and Marines. All of these are somehow different from each other but the major
thing they all have in common is that they help to serve and protect the
citizens of the USA. This article will describe one out of the five branches,
the United States Army.

The Army is tasked with handling the protection and defense
of the country on the ground. This work is done using of ground troops of
well-trained soldiers, helicopters, tactical nuclear weapons and tanks. It’s
the oldest of all of the branches having been established on the June 14, 1775.
It’s also the largest of all of the branches as well with a combined strength
of about 1,018,000 soldiers. The Army is also supported by two groups called
the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard with each state having their own
National Guard unit. However, during the times of need, The President of the
United States can request the aid of the National Guard at any time.
The regular Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve are
each vital parts of the total Army composition. While active duty army Soldiers
serve the country full time, Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers
serve part-time.

Regular army active soldiers – This branch of the army is
always on active duty for the day in day out operations. Each Soldier has their
own special training and serves a crucial function within their unit. These
active duty soldiers serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during their time in

Army Reserve – Unlike the soldiers in active duty, the
soldiers in the Army Reserve serve part-time, which allows them to go to
school, work a civilian job or earn the extra paycheck while still in military
service. Reserve Soldiers perform important jobs in the Army on a part-time
basis. Their total length of service can range from 3 to 6 years, which depends
on the Army Reserve job.

Army National Guard – The National Guard is a very vital
element in the United States Army. It has a unique double mission.
Domestically, the National Guard serves under the control of state governors
and protects communities locally. The federal mission of the Guard puts in the
handle of the president. This allows the Guard to support active army soldiers
to respond to threats and humanitarian disasters.

The United States Army uses a mixture of extremely accurate
training, survival, and tactical gear, and other field equipment to counter
terrorism, aid in domestic or foreign internal defense, provide intel, recover
and rescue other military personnel among other duties. Army soldiers are
assigned some of the most critical and special missions and may involve going
out to war in other countries.

Many active duty members and also retired members of the US
army display their branch proudly in many different ways such as wearing their
military t-shirts with their unit on it or simply decorating their car or home
with decals and other mementos that showcase their branch. When the country
needs to be protected on land, the army is always ready for everything and
anything to deal with protection and security.



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The United States Air Force

The United State Air Force has the responsibility of de­fending the U.S against an enemy that may attack. It is the aerial as well as space warfare service section of the U.S Armed Forces. The other armed forces are the Navy and the Army. Of the three, the U.S Air Force is the youngest. Through World War II the air force was a branch of the U.S Army and was known as the Army Air Corps. It became independent on 18th September 1947. Because air power is entirely required in modern warfare, a lot of people consider the U.S Air Force an essential branch of the United States defences.

It is a military service which is organised by the Air Force Department. The civilian Secretary is the head of the U.S Air Force, he or she reports to the Defense Secretary, and is appointed by the President along with Senate confirmation. Now, the highest-ranking United States military officer in the Air Force Department is the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, who supervises over Air Force units, as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff member. Air Force combat and also mobility forces are usually assigned, as instructed by the Secretary of Defense, to the States Combatant Commanders, and neither the Chief of Staff nor Secretary of the Air Force has authority of operational command over them.

The Air Force gives air support for naval forces and land and helps in the troop’s recovery in the field. The service operates over 5,369 military aircraft, 170 military satellites and 406 ICBMs as of 2017.

There are 4 ways in which the U.S Air Force must be ready to defend the United States as well as fight for the country during any time of war. 1. Now, if the enemy sends out bombing planes for attacking the United States or bases or any of its possessions, the job of the Air Force is for fighting them in the air and chase them off or de­stroy them. For this, it makes use of “fighter planes,” particularly of the type known as interceptors. During a war, the Air Force must bomb territory of the enemy, to destroy the factories where they make war mate­rials, as well as the bases from where they may attack the U.S, and at ­times for the purpose referred to as retaliation- meaning, to punish the enemy for the at­tacks on the United States. The Air armed Force for these pur­poses uses bombing planes of different types.

When an am­phibious attack is done, or the U.S soldiers are fighting or engaging in the field, the Air Force has the task of supporting the ground forces. They do this by attacking the installations and enemy troops against which the U.S ground forces are fighting. The air force must as well try to win “full control of the skies” in which the fighting is happening. That is, it has to fight the enemy planes which try to attack the United States of America’s ground forces. For these reasons, they make use of fighters and light bomb­ing planes.


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The Marine Corps

Warfare, rivalry, fighting, combat are the words which hinder the peace among nations worldwide. They cause immense destruction and leads to huge loss of human lives. There are people who have seen these mass devastation like the world wars first and second done by countries in order to increase their borders and powers. Furthermore,  Treaties were signed to maintain peace among the powerful nations worldwide. But still atmosphere can be sensed and the cold war is continuing to remain powerful and protect the citizens. Every nation has its armed forces ready to combat any situation of terror within or
outside the borders.

The elevations in technologies and current warfare situations, the armed forces are trained hard to handle every situation with ease and perfection. From Airforce till Navy, every military individual takes the oath for the betterment of their country. These forces are further developed and are assigned with special in-house and across the border tasks to maintaining the level of security and defense.

In America itself the armed forces are so advanced and equipped with rigorous training and hard work. To answer your question as tell me about the United States Marine Corps, the (USMC) aka United State Marines is a special branch of the US armed forces responsible for maritime operations in conjunction with the United States Navy Forces.

Being one of the 7th uniformed services in the US, the Marine Corps are infamous for the services with distinction. If one turns back to history, the US Marine Corps has been working with integration with the
Naval Forces since 30th of June, 1834. The tasks include installations
on land and on board voyaging on warfare ships, ready to combat during the
critical situations. Founded on 10th of November 1775, the USMC has
to conduct the ship to ship combat, maintaining aboard shipment, security, and discipline with assistance on land. In the olden times during its formation, the USMC began with two units of Continental Marines at Philadelphia in order to be proactive with their services both aboard and seashore.

During the period of World War 2nd, the USMC had played a major role at the Pacific Shores of US. Despite the secretive attempt from the Jap Air force troops and massive bloodshed, they served the bravely managed the warfare. In return, the infamous nuc’s were targeted on two Japanese cities and its effects are
still found in that area. UMSC is an active part of Department of Defense,
United States. As per the 2017 statistics, they have a military force of
185,000 active personals with 38,500 reserved personals and overall are the
smallest unit active under DoD, US.

As per the ranking in this segment, the Commandant of the Marine Corps holds the uppermost rank at USMC. This person holds the responsibility to
recruit, train and endow the supplies to Marine Corps with no command authority as a whole. This Commandant is an active member of Joint Chief’s of the Staff and directly reports to the Secretary of the US Naval Forces. As Deputy, the Assistant Commandant Reports to the respective senior and Sergeant of the Marine Corps acts as an advisor for the Commandant. The existing
serving Commandant of the USMC is Robert Neller and is the 37th,
assumed to be active at this position from 30 of September 2015. The rank of 34th Assistant Commandant at USMC is held by Glenn M. Walters and the current 18th Sergeant Major is Ronald L. Green.


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The United States Navy

The United States Navy (USN) is the naval force battling organization branch of the Armed Forces of the United States and among the seven formally dressed organizations of the United States. It was said to be greater than 13 greatest maritime powers combined similarly as battle task force tonnage in 2009 is concerned. The U.S. Naval force constrain in like manner has the world’s greatest plane conveying armada, with ten in benefit, two a work in progress, eight more orchestrated, and two in unique hold. The organization has 317,054 work constrain on powerful commitment and 109,671 in the Navy Reserve. It works 290 ships in unique organization and more than 3,700 planes.
The U.S. Naval force compel takes after its causes to the Continental Navy, which was set up in the American Revolutionary War and was disbanded as an alternate component. It expected a critical piece of the American Civil War by excepting the Confederacy and seizing control of its streams. It accepted the central piece of the World War II demolition of Japan. The 21st century U.S. Naval force constrain keeps up a sizable overall closeness, sending in such locales as East Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. It is a blue-water naval force drive with the ability to broaden compel onto the littoral regions of the world, partake in sending areas amid peacetime, and rapidly respond to nearby crises, making it a dynamic player in U.S. remote and insurance system.
The Navy is overseen authoritatively by the Department of the Navy, which is lead by the non military Secretary faculty of the Navy. The Navy Department is itself a division of the Department of Defense, which is lead by the Secretary of Defense. The Chief of Navy Operations is a four-star maritime leader and the senior sea officer of the Department of the Navy. In any case, the CNO may not be the best situating naval force officer in the military if either the Chairman or his help of the Joint Chiefs Staff are officers of the naval force, who outranks the CNO by the law.
United state. Navy’s air, land, and the sea is an amongst the most trained and elite units in the Navy, and also amongst the most conspicuous. An association with a storied past, the SEALS fall under the charge of the Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) and SOCOM.
Seals utilize a mixture of thorough preparing, strategic and survival adapt, and other field hardware to battle psychological warfare, help in remote/local interior protection, give observation intel, safeguard and rescue other military forces. SEALS are given the most risky and particular missions that other military work force would not regularly have the capacity to fulfill.
United States Navy mission is keeping up, and preparing Naval battle powers equipped for winning wars, hindering animosity and keeping freedom of the oceans. Any individual who has ever served in the Navy realizes that their work goes long ways past any official statement of purpose. This dedication site was made to respect the courageous men and ladies of the united state Navy force who have stood joined together and served their nation.
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