The United States Air Force

The United State Air Force has the responsibility of de­fending the U.S against an enemy that may attack. It is the aerial as well as space warfare service section of the U.S Armed Forces. The other armed forces are the Navy and the Army. Of the three, the U.S Air Force is the youngest. Through World War II the air force was a branch of the U.S Army and was known as the Army Air Corps. It became independent on 18th September 1947. Because air power is entirely required in modern warfare, a lot of people consider the U.S Air Force an essential branch of the United States defences.

It is a military service which is organised by the Air Force Department. The civilian Secretary is the head of the U.S Air Force, he or she reports to the Defense Secretary, and is appointed by the President along with Senate confirmation. Now, the highest-ranking United States military officer in the Air Force Department is the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, who supervises over Air Force units, as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff member. Air Force combat and also mobility forces are usually assigned, as instructed by the Secretary of Defense, to the States Combatant Commanders, and neither the Chief of Staff nor Secretary of the Air Force has authority of operational command over them.

The Air Force gives air support for naval forces and land and helps in the troop’s recovery in the field. The service operates over 5,369 military aircraft, 170 military satellites and 406 ICBMs as of 2017.

There are 4 ways in which the U.S Air Force must be ready to defend the United States as well as fight for the country during any time of war. 1. Now, if the enemy sends out bombing planes for attacking the United States or bases or any of its possessions, the job of the Air Force is for fighting them in the air and chase them off or de­stroy them. For this, it makes use of “fighter planes,” particularly of the type known as interceptors. During a war, the Air Force must bomb territory of the enemy, to destroy the factories where they make war mate­rials, as well as the bases from where they may attack the U.S, and at ­times for the purpose referred to as retaliation- meaning, to punish the enemy for the at­tacks on the United States. The Air armed Force for these pur­poses uses bombing planes of different types.

When an am­phibious attack is done, or the U.S soldiers are fighting or engaging in the field, the Air Force has the task of supporting the ground forces. They do this by attacking the installations and enemy troops against which the U.S ground forces are fighting. The air force must as well try to win “full control of the skies” in which the fighting is happening. That is, it has to fight the enemy planes which try to attack the United States of America’s ground forces. For these reasons, they make use of fighters and light bomb­ing planes.


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