The National Guard

The National Guard works as a unique outfit in the United States military. Although working largely as a supplementary militia to the Air Force and Army, the National Guard more commonly sees deployment as a peacekeeping force in modern times. This means that National Guard often used in search and rescue operations inside the U.S. and around the world. As a result, these soldiers can become exposed to asbestos through unusual circumstances for a service member.
When in a tour of duty, these service members have been historically exposed to the same conditions as their Army and Air Force compatriots. These soldiers spent their time in barracks that used asbestos piping and tiling. When shipped off for deployment, these soldiers were packed into vessels full of asbestos-laden piping and boilers. Additionally, asbestos was used in aircraft construction, included in gaskets and some aircraft brakes.
One major problem faced by Guard members has occurred due to their role as emergency helpers and rescue workers. When arriving at scenes of massive destruction, especially in the case of explosions and earthquakes, National Guard soldiers may be exposed to large clouds of dust. If the buildings affected by a disaster were built using asbestos, the particles could float throughout this dust. Although soldiers often wear protective gear in these dangerous scenarios, the particles can become trapped on clothing and be inhaled later.
In addition to dust clouds, the destruction of buildings poses the threat of asbestos exposure to National Guard service members. As many older buildings may not have been gutted of their asbestos, working around cracked open ceilings and walls can increase the likelihood of encountering asbestos. Broken pipes may also prove particularly dangerous in this regard.
The United States National Guard additionally has many state and nearby group based projects. These projects endeavor to enhance the earth, shield states from tranquilize trafficking and associate the groups of Guard individuals. The Guard is dynamic amid times of peace and in addition amid war. The senator can request assistance from the National Guard when a characteristic catastrophe. The mission is to keep up prepared and prepared units, who are constantly prepared for a crisis.
Most of the positions within National Guard of the United States are part-time, with a service period of one weekend a month and a training period of two weeks a year. Members can always maintain a civilian life and avail of the benefits of the military at the same time. They get excellent benefit packages, monetary help for education, and a chance to develop their career skills. They earn a regular paycheck and in return, the only requirement is their presence whenever needed.
If you intend to have a civilian career, pay for your education and take advantage of retirement benefits, you should consider joining National Guard army. The job is not only monetarily beneficial, but also morally satisfying in the knowledge that you are contributing positively to society. This career option offers the unique combination of benefiting from civilian rights and freedom, as well as a part of the nation’s defense.
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