United States Army

In the United States of America, there are 5 different
branches of the military that are in place and that one can join to serve this
country. These different branches are Navy, Army, Air Force, the Coast Guard,
and Marines. All of these are somehow different from each other but the major
thing they all have in common is that they help to serve and protect the
citizens of the USA. This article will describe one out of the five branches,
the United States Army.

The Army is tasked with handling the protection and defense
of the country on the ground. This work is done using of ground troops of
well-trained soldiers, helicopters, tactical nuclear weapons and tanks. It’s
the oldest of all of the branches having been established on the June 14, 1775.
It’s also the largest of all of the branches as well with a combined strength
of about 1,018,000 soldiers. The Army is also supported by two groups called
the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard with each state having their own
National Guard unit. However, during the times of need, The President of the
United States can request the aid of the National Guard at any time.
The regular Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve are
each vital parts of the total Army composition. While active duty army Soldiers
serve the country full time, Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers
serve part-time.

Regular army active soldiers – This branch of the army is
always on active duty for the day in day out operations. Each Soldier has their
own special training and serves a crucial function within their unit. These
active duty soldiers serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during their time in

Army Reserve – Unlike the soldiers in active duty, the
soldiers in the Army Reserve serve part-time, which allows them to go to
school, work a civilian job or earn the extra paycheck while still in military
service. Reserve Soldiers perform important jobs in the Army on a part-time
basis. Their total length of service can range from 3 to 6 years, which depends
on the Army Reserve job.

Army National Guard – The National Guard is a very vital
element in the United States Army. It has a unique double mission.
Domestically, the National Guard serves under the control of state governors
and protects communities locally. The federal mission of the Guard puts in the
handle of the president. This allows the Guard to support active army soldiers
to respond to threats and humanitarian disasters.

The United States Army uses a mixture of extremely accurate
training, survival, and tactical gear, and other field equipment to counter
terrorism, aid in domestic or foreign internal defense, provide intel, recover
and rescue other military personnel among other duties. Army soldiers are
assigned some of the most critical and special missions and may involve going
out to war in other countries.

Many active duty members and also retired members of the US
army display their branch proudly in many different ways such as wearing their
military t-shirts with their unit on it or simply decorating their car or home
with decals and other mementos that showcase their branch. When the country
needs to be protected on land, the army is always ready for everything and
anything to deal with protection and security.



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