The Marine Corps

Warfare, rivalry, fighting, combat are the words which hinder the peace among nations worldwide. They cause immense destruction and leads to huge loss of human lives. There are people who have seen these mass devastation like the world wars first and second done by countries in order to increase their borders and powers. Furthermore,  Treaties were signed to maintain peace among the powerful nations worldwide. But still atmosphere can be sensed and the cold war is continuing to remain powerful and protect the citizens. Every nation has its armed forces ready to combat any situation of terror within or
outside the borders.

The elevations in technologies and current warfare situations, the armed forces are trained hard to handle every situation with ease and perfection. From Airforce till Navy, every military individual takes the oath for the betterment of their country. These forces are further developed and are assigned with special in-house and across the border tasks to maintaining the level of security and defense.

In America itself the armed forces are so advanced and equipped with rigorous training and hard work. To answer your question as tell me about the United States Marine Corps, the (USMC) aka United State Marines is a special branch of the US armed forces responsible for maritime operations in conjunction with the United States Navy Forces.

Being one of the 7th uniformed services in the US, the Marine Corps are infamous for the services with distinction. If one turns back to history, the US Marine Corps has been working with integration with the
Naval Forces since 30th of June, 1834. The tasks include installations
on land and on board voyaging on warfare ships, ready to combat during the
critical situations. Founded on 10th of November 1775, the USMC has
to conduct the ship to ship combat, maintaining aboard shipment, security, and discipline with assistance on land. In the olden times during its formation, the USMC began with two units of Continental Marines at Philadelphia in order to be proactive with their services both aboard and seashore.

During the period of World War 2nd, the USMC had played a major role at the Pacific Shores of US. Despite the secretive attempt from the Jap Air force troops and massive bloodshed, they served the bravely managed the warfare. In return, the infamous nuc’s were targeted on two Japanese cities and its effects are
still found in that area. UMSC is an active part of Department of Defense,
United States. As per the 2017 statistics, they have a military force of
185,000 active personals with 38,500 reserved personals and overall are the
smallest unit active under DoD, US.

As per the ranking in this segment, the Commandant of the Marine Corps holds the uppermost rank at USMC. This person holds the responsibility to
recruit, train and endow the supplies to Marine Corps with no command authority as a whole. This Commandant is an active member of Joint Chief’s of the Staff and directly reports to the Secretary of the US Naval Forces. As Deputy, the Assistant Commandant Reports to the respective senior and Sergeant of the Marine Corps acts as an advisor for the Commandant. The existing
serving Commandant of the USMC is Robert Neller and is the 37th,
assumed to be active at this position from 30 of September 2015. The rank of 34th Assistant Commandant at USMC is held by Glenn M. Walters and the current 18th Sergeant Major is Ronald L. Green.


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